Because This Was Right at the Top of My List of Things to Do Tonight

So here I am, getting all ready to enter the world of political activism. We had a bit of a reality check tonight when Chloe asked us if we might get shot. No, Sweetie, this isn’t going to be like the REAL Boston Tea Party. We’re not going to get shot (at least not with a gun). We’re going to pack a lunch. It will be like a big picnic in the park…with media.

Craig can’t get out of school tomorrow to go with us, so he played his part tonight by coming up with our protest sign slogans. Here I am hard at work on one:

Working Hard on the STL Tea Party Protest

Here’s the sign Maddie will carry tomorrow:

M10's Protest Sign

The sign Chloe will hold:

C8's Protest Sign

Katie’s words of protest:

K7's Protest Sign

Millie’s foray into the political fray:

E5's Protest Sign

And finally, my own sign of discontent (though I’m not entirely happy with the spacing of it and will probably redo it in about five minutes):

MY Protest Sign

Here we go! Will I be more nervous tomorrow? As it is, I can’t stop laughing.


6 thoughts on “Because This Was Right at the Top of My List of Things to Do Tonight

  1. anna says:

    I should have known if you were up as late as I was Tuesday you were blogging! I am so glad. Don’t give up run on sentences…yours make sense! ;)Okay, so I’m all read up on my favorite blog/WORLD blogger. One day I’m going to respond with this overly biased YOU ARE THE GREATEST WRITER EVER reply. Because, from my unbiased opinion, you are. Go get ’em tomorrow! John and are supposed to be having lunch with perspective students (they have 3 kids) good match ‘eh? We could take them to the Arch for lunch, what do ya think? night


  2. Keri says:

    I know this is a terribly shallow comment considering the topic of the post… but you have such nice looking handwriting! LOL – I had to read each sign twice, bc first I was looking at your handwriting!


  3. Melissa says:

    Still laughing about C8’s comment. I was telling the girls this morning that you were going to go do this, and wishing we could be with you. E8 asked me if you and your girls would be going to jail for this. I think they are starting to view life as another history sentence in the making.
    Way to be politically active, Megan!


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