7 Quick Takes Friday

1. My brain is totally convinced tonight is Friday and tomorrow is Saturday. I don’t know why, other than I spent time this evening preparing for the St. Louis version of the Nationwide Tea Party Protest we are participating in tomorrow. Here are the signs we’re taking with us (except that I did go ahead and redo the sign I’m going to carry – it just needed to be done).

The girls are trying to convince me that attending the protest is school enough for a Friday. Part of me agrees; the other part of me sees the lesson plans I took the trouble to write out this week and wants to check them all off. Guess I could just go over there and erase everything for Friday and write in “History Re-enactment/Current Political Educational Event” or something. Then I could check it off. We’ll see.

2. This week I found out we were picked as one of two winners of five free sessions for online math tutoring via Click and Climb. We haven’t had an actual tutoring session yet, but I was contacted immediately by email about how to set up our account, and then received a phone call the same day to set up our orientation meeting. We had to install Skype and something else, so now we’re all 21st century and stuff and you could call me on Skype and I might know what to do with it. The chances of my answering are completely dependent upon whether or not I’ve had time to shower yet and if I’m still in my jammies.

Anyway, back to Click and Climb: totally impressed by what I’ve seen so far. I haven’t had to track them down to set this thing up – they keep initiating with me! Orientation tonight was great, and M10 is pretty pumped about it. We have another meeting with her academic advisor tomorrow, and then we will set up the actual tutoring sessions with her personal live math tutor. I have a feeling I’m going to be sad when the five sessions end.

3. I’m still in the process of figuring out the whole Twitter thing, though I’m finding I’m sort of liking it. The thing I can’t figure out is all the proper Twitter etiquette. It seems I keep getting followed by spammers and I just go and block them. Is that okay? Is it considered standard to “follow” someone who “follows” you? Are you supposed to “Direct Message” somebody to thank them for following you? I’m so confused.

4. Craig thinks my blog background is too pink. I just needed some change, as I get antsy when I don’t move something around for a while. Our living room really isn’t re-arrangeable, so I’m left with the blog background. I don’t know how to customize it myself and haven’t had much luck finding affordable blog designers who can do the job, so I’m settling with occasionally changing the themes Typepad offers me for free. Craig need not worry – I’ll get bored with this soon enough and switch it to something else.

5. When we lived in Colorado Springs, we got to know some of the folks at Summit Ministries. Last fall when I was doing a bunch of research for God’s World News, I asked one of the Summit gals what they thought about teaching biblical worldviews to younger children. She told me they had developed a whole curriculum for kids on this. I got a copy under the guise of “research” but really I just wanted a copy (don’t worry, GWN, I didn’t put this on an expense report!).

I went through a few lessons with the girls last year, but it got shelved when we moved into the new house and started a bunch of new things. I’ve recently started doing it again and am really impressed with the concepts taught. The teacher’s manual is a bit clunky and somewhat hard to follow, but it is manageable – I just have to make sure I read over the whole thing a couple of times before presenting it to the girls (you know, like a good teacher should). It’s not as good for those among us who tend to “wing” it most of the time.

Anyway, this week, my girls learned the differences between theism, polytheism, and atheism Even Millie can tell you right now. The gospel is clearly presented, and it might seem funny that I would care, but here’s why I do: we talk about biblical truths fairly frequently, and yes, I’ve shared the gospel clearly with my kids. But they need to hear it more than I share it. I love that these lessons provide such natural ways of reminding my kids why we believe the things we believe. It’s good stuff. (Both the curriculum and the gospel. Of course.)

6. I’ve been emailing with the coordinator of this combined CSA group for this year. I’m tempted to join, but after my last not-so-great experience with a CSA I’m a little nervous. Anyone in St. Louis have any info for me on the Fair Shares Combined CSA? Pros? Cons? Anyone maybe interested in splitting a share?

7. I posted chapter 2 for the book discussion Through His Eyes; God’s Perspective on Women in the Bible by Covenant Seminary Professor Jerram Barrs just a little bit ago. Such a good book – totally worth checking into if you haven’t already.

That’s it for me! I need to get to bed so I can be ready to protest with a smile tomorrow! Night everyone.