U2 Therapy

Maybe my irritation today was caused by relational conflict with a certain female member of the household.

Maybe it was caused by the perpetual mess I can’t seem to contain.

Maybe it was caused by my kids’ collective goofiness being in overdrive in the car today.

Maybe it was caused by my needing to go on antibiotics this week (and the drowsiness warning on the label).

Maybe it was caused by going to Best Buy to get the new U2 album (on sale for $9.99 today) and then having it smoke my computer into oblivion. (Okay, it didn’t really do that, but it wouldn’t load into my iTunes.)

Maybe it was caused by Katie and Millie’s little CD player, which is a classical example of getting what you pay for. It didn’t work either.

Maybe it was caused by the fact that I’m all out of Coke Zero and I could really use one RIGHT ABOUT NOW.

I don’t know. I do know that not five minutes ago I was scouring the Covenant Seminary student portal and main website for information on switching my class to audit or outright dropping it altogether. I’m tired and have too much to do and, as easy as the class is, it’s the time suck that is wearing me down right now.

Then Maddie asked me why I wasn’t listening to the new album and, upon hearing why, went to retrieve her CD player (which she had been listening to). She brought it down, plugged it in, and put the CD in for me.

Maybe that’s what I needed. I think I can handle class tonight after all.

Maybe even complete the Graduate Certificate after all.

But boy, howdy, could I still use a Coke Zero. RIGHT ABOUT NOW.

And there’s no “maybe” about that.


4 thoughts on “U2 Therapy

  1. Chelsea says:

    I thought about giving up Coke Zero for Lent. And then I thought about the wonderful concept of grace and how even God understands Coke Zero addictions and how I might jump off the edge of the cliff if I didn’t have that one little vice to look forward to each afternoon.
    So I gave up coffee instead. Which is convenient since my coffeemaker is in the garage with the rest of my kitchen. : )


  2. NancI says:

    I can completely understand your need for a CokeZero RIGHT NOW! Mine comes in the form of “Boy, could I use a Diet Dr. Pepper, RIGHT NOW!” I have often thought that if that is how I get an urge for a soft drink, it is probably a REALLY GOOD THING that I don’t like the taste of alcohol! LOL.
    Tell M10 — KUDOs on bringing a ray of sunshine to Mom’s day. It’s times like that, we moms get a clear glimpse of the good things in life (like kids that are able to care for and share with others.) It’s funny how such little, caring actions can spur us on.


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