Public Service Announcement

I just opened my phone bill and noticed it was higher than it usually is. I wondered why because we hadn't made an exorbitant amount of phone calls this month. I noticed a charge for one "Residential Email" for the amount of $14.95.

There was a number next to that charge to call. This company is not affiliated with our phone company (AT&T) yet somehow sneaks its charge onto the phone bill. When I called about it they claimed I signed up for an account on their website. I assured them I never did. They gave me my name, my address, my phone number – all correct. They also gave an email address – this one NOT correct. Somebody else signed us up on this account fraudulently and we were charged. If I hadn't read our bill this month we would have continued to get charged.

I'm hopping mad and don't know what to do about it. They said they canceled the amount on our bill, but did not take any responsibility for the matter. It is Monday and Mondays are my long days. I'm tired and I want to take a bite out of somebody. That somebody today is Residential Email.

Note to Residential Email: Back off, Barbie. I'm in no mood for your stupid games. I will find out what I have to do to get you reported.

That is all.