Shake-y Time

We’re right on the verge of spring break around here. By that I mean I communicated to my kids that as of Thursday we would be officially on spring break. We planned to drive to Oklahoma and spend a few days with my parents. Most of you might remember that my mom recently had a knee replacement surgery, so we thought we’d go cheer her up in her infirmity a little bit.

This was before Millie came down with a throw-up bug yesterday morning. My policy on that is to make sure the household is sick-free for 24 hours before joining back in with other people. In the case of throwing up, I like to make sure we’re in the clear for 48 hours before rejoining society.

As such, I postponed the trip until Friday and broke the news to everyone that we weren’t really taking spring break on Thursday after all. We have a lot of catching up to do and every day counts right now.

They were disappointed but they handled it okay. They’ve handled it better because I’ve taken them to get shakes two days in a row. Our friends who watch the girls for us every Tuesday had told us they would be going out for Shamrock Shakes last night. When it turned out I was going to have to skip class to stay home with the sick one (and subsequently everyone else too), they were seriously disappointed about missing out on the shakes. Millie seemed to be feeling better after lunch and the only thing she wanted was the goofy Shamrock Shake, so out we went. She promptly threw the whole thing back up again. Twice.

Scratch that attempt. Today we were out again and again, shakes were the only thing on her mind. We went through Steak and Shake during happy hour and got more shakes. This time they all stayed down.

So it appears that Millie is on the mend in that department, however she did spike a low fever most of the day today. I’m not so sure the bug is out of our collective system yet.

Not sure what this is going to mean for our Oklahoma trip as I know without a doubt my mom is in no position to be gifted with the gift that keeps on giving and my mom catches everything (right, Mom?).

If we leave Friday morning we won’t have the 48-hour clearance I want before we go. Not sure what to do.

My kids are going to be mucho-disappointed if I cancel the trip altogether.

Maybe another shake is the answer?


5 thoughts on “Shake-y Time

  1. Belinda says:

    Ugh. So sorry. Hate it when one of those bugs makes it way through our family! And of course, in His grace, I usually get it….but after everyone else is finished puking! :0) Hope you stay healthy and get to see your mom. Blessings -B.


  2. Edi says:

    I recently enjoyed my first Shamrock Shake in probably 15 years! Guess I kind of forgot about them…my kids probably liked it better than I did…still a fun tradition to have them around St. P Day.
    I have found the best way to get my kids some liquids when they are sick is a Slurpee. It’s icy so they can’t take too many big sips…you can eat it with a spoon…they love them so even when they can’t stomach any real food and nothing sounds good to them – I can usually get the Slurpee to work.
    Hope you dd is well soon…


  3. Tricia Agan says:

    Oh, don’t you love Steak and Shake’s Happy Hour? Our kids and I do – what a treat!
    Sorry about the tummy bug… ugh. Hope y’all are well soon!


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