Spring Breaking

We've been in Oklahoma since Friday. It's been a whole lot of nothing going on in the form of too much HGTV and picking wildflowers from the front yard. I used to do that all the time, so it's fun to see the girls doing it this week. I should go out tomorrow and make flower necklaces with them. Should.

I do not rest very well. I think I don't know how. It translates to not napping, not going to bed early, etc. Yesterday I cut out the girls' Easter dresses so I could check something off my list. I purposely didn't bring my sewing machine, though, because I wanted to try to rest.

I keep wanting to do that. I keep trying.

Today I'm simply exhausted. I can't figure out why I'm feeling it finally. I have nothing I have to do. Maybe my body is telling me it is okay to relax, but my brain is still telling me it isn't. Every time I fall asleep I start dreaming that I'm awake. I'm not doing anything in particular, I'm just not sleeping. So when I do wake up I think I haven't slept and it really messes with my brain. This happened last night and again today when I attempted a nap.

I think I really did take a nap, though, because even though I was exhausted at 8pm and tried to go to sleep, I couldn't. I never can go to bed at night when I take a nap during the day.

Anyway, that's about the extent of things so far. My dad is thinking about taking us to the zoo tomorrow, but it might rain. If it rains we might go bowling instead. I think I might push for the latter just to avoid the drive.

Yep, that's how sluggish I am right now. Too lazy for the 30 minute drive into Tulsa. I'm in need of some rest. Rest, where are you? I'm waiting.