Extreme Home Makeover

(With emphasis on the home part and not on the extreme or the makeover). This would be more like Extreme Living Room Demolition. There we go.

Craig sent me two more videos which I am unable to post at the moment, so instead I’ll give you the photo tour of his handy work from yesterday:

Here is the ET-like enclosure. Craig works better when he can pretend he is in a sci-fi movie.

Here is the bane of our existence, made a little bigger for some reason I do not know of:


Here is the ceiling minus the drywall but with the lathe (did I even spell that right?):


Here is our newly redone floor:


And the open ceiling. Craig likes it like this and is thinking about leaving it open, but painting it. We’ve heard that might not be okay with the city code inspector, though, and believe me, we have no desire to get into another round of anything with the city code inspector. Ahem.


Here is the answer to the question, “I wonder if we could ever open back up the fireplace somebody enclosed at some point in time.” The answer: No.

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