To Do (in no particular order)


    • Teach something to my kids
    • Teach some more somethings to my kids
    • Feed my kids
    • Take a shower
    • Teach my kids some more stuff
    • Clean the kitchen
    • Finish gluing on body parts to the large paper human bodies we started last semester
    • Make a bunch of cupcakes for tomorrow’s Classical Conversations end of the year banquet
    • Find all the miscellaneous art projects I brought home from CC this year
    • Can’t find any of the art pieces. Drat.
    • Decide if I’m making certificates for the kids or not
    • I’m not
    • Think about whether or not to call school done for the day
    • Go to Starbucks for some tutor thank you gifts
    • Decide if I’m making bread for the banquet or buying it
    • If making it, then begin making it
    • Make a menu plan for the next week
    • Take Millie to preschool
    • Go to Aldi

Stink. Now I have to put all the groceries away.

  • Pick Millie up from preschool
  • Take three older girls to choir
  • Take everyone to play practice tonight
  • Choose table decorations for the CC banquet
  • Gather up everything I need for the banquet tomorrow in one location

I feel like I’m still missing something here. Oh well, I’m sure it will come to me. Probably while I’m at Aldi.

Update at 10:30pm. Never made it to Starbucks, but can definitely squeeze that in tomorrow. Also, the bread? Probably will have to go buy some at the store instead of make it. You win some, you lose some, you know what I mean?