My thoughts on Disney’s new movie Earth are up on right now. Doesn’t this just look amazing?

Maybe my parents will want to go see it with us when they come soon (hint, hint). *grin*

Are any of you planning to go see it on the big screen?


All things bright and beautiful
All creatures great and small

All things wise and wonderful

Our Lord God made them all

It probably isn’t breaking news that Disney’s new nature movie, Earth, is now playing in theaters. What might be considered slightly breaking news (at least around here) is I’m planning to shell out carefully budgeted grocery money to take my kids to see it this weekend.

When I first saw the movie’s trailer, I was instantly amazed. I love really well-done nature movies; I love them even more on the big screen. I’ve taken my kids to see some 45-minute films at our local Omnimax, and those were neat, but this looks to totally knock our socks off. I can’t wait.

The number one critique conservative families will probably have with a film like Earth is the predictable evolution assumption or man-made global warming warnings sure to be strewn throughout the film. To this I simply say let it go.

Instead, why not use this opportunity to discuss with our kids what other worldviews teach and believe, as well as reinforce what we do? We don’t have to shy away from theories or propaganda in fear; we just need to honestly interact with these ideas and teach our kids how to think critically about them.

The wonder of creation, the beauty of God’s handiwork, the amazement of how he has so perfectly orchestrated it all—if we can’t see it all up close and personal, then seeing God’s creation in its wide-screened wonder is the next best thing. This weekend, why not remind yourself of what God did, does, and continues doing in holding it all together?

Regardless of who captures the art, the art itself belongs to God. Since we belong to him, let’s not let our kids miss his greatest show in Earth.


6 thoughts on “Earth

  1. Mom says:

    Yes, this looks like a great movie. So our week in Missouri is getting full. My “Missouri To Do List”. *Cardinal’s Baseball Game * EARTH movie* Halfpint * Softball game, *piano recital, St. Louis Children’s Concert, and more family fun squeezed in. A short trip to Gallatin to hear Michelle’s music stars in the Gallatin High School Band Spring Concert. On the way home a day or two in Branson. Doesn’t this sound fun? I’m bring my walker and cane, so if my knee gets tired, I’ll have something to lean on. I’ve been really leaning on Mike since March 9. I can hardly wait for our trip. I’ve been missing my guys and dolls.


  2. Bethany says:

    I’m confused by this…it’s all footage from the Planet Earth miniseries, right? At least it looks really familiar. So did Disney buy Planet Earth and is rereleasing portions of the theatrically?


  3. Angie D says:

    Thanks so much for this post. My daughter’s class is going to see this movie for a field trip. It’s so rough, dontchaknow?
    Anyway, this is helpful. I was hoping it wasn’t some sort of Mother Earth junk. Thanks!


  4. Bethany says:

    Oh yeah, it would definitely be worth seeing on the big screen. I’ve watched the Planet Earth series both on my little 20ish inch old TV, and on a high definition 6 foot projection screen, and the difference is pretty stunning. I’m sure in a huge theatre it’s even more impressive. I was just confused by the marketing, and why there is no reference at all to Planet Earth in the ads or anything.


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