Passive Aggressive or Aggressively Passive?

I have about a bajillion verse pack orders I said I would do this semester and just forgot. Okay, I really have four orders. But I really did forget.

It is my turn to put up the next chapter for the discussion on Through His Eyes. I average reading 1/3 of a page a day right now. I get about 1/3 read and then fall asleep. I’m several weeks late on this now.

I’ve been asked about six times to turn in a head shot for WORLD. I am notoriously unphotogenic. I’m supposed to get this shot done someplace with a white background that is well-lit. That place is a passport photo place. You get one chance to get it right there. I hate one chances with pictures. Despite all of this, the reason I still haven’t done this is that I keep forgetting about it. I forget until I’m asked again and then I remember like this, “Oh stink. I still have to do that.” And then I forget again.

I have people asking me to schedule information meetings for Classical Conversations so they can learn more about the program. I keep saying, “Please, not in May. Any other time but May!” Really I keep saying, “Sure hope to get to that soon.” In the meantime I did manage to schedule a seriously informal one at the park this Thursday. Sure hope I remember what Classical Conversations is by Thursday. (I’m kidding, of course).

My five-year-old has been in preschool since August 2008. I’m still surprised each week when I realize she has to go. I forget a lot and schedule things that I want her to go with us to and then remember, “oh yeah, Millie has preschool!” She is going to be the first in our family to graduate preschool, though, so there’s that. Despite her delinquent mama. I would stink as a traditional school mama. I just don’t like having to get kids somewhere at a certain time for consecutive days, week after week, month after month…

I misspell words so badly that spell checker doesn’t even know what to do with me sometimes.

I’m still on week 23 of Sonlight Core 3/4. There are 36 weeks in the program. Guess who’s still doing school this summer?

My dad built me three boxes today for raised bed “Square Foot Gardening“. I then bought the stuff to put inside. Well, I thought I did. I actually bought the stuff to put inside 1.5 of the boxes. Starting up a garden is joking expensive. Not to mention a lot of work. But it’s also expensive. And a lot of work.

A guy at Home Depot today asked me if I was a mulch expert. I laughed very loudly.

We took the tent in the backyard down today because it was supposed to rain. You’ll never guess this: it didn’t rain (again).

That hobbled roman shade I started some 10 days ago? Still missing a row of ring tape and draped over the stairs to prevent cats from getting on it.

My girls’ spring dresses? Worn twice and that is all because the fabric is 100% cotton and we all know what that means…ironing.

I could go on, but I’m depressing myself.

As Anne would say, “Tomorrow is another day with no mistakes in it.”

But as Marilla would say, “With no mistakes in it yet.”

I’m all about that yet.


2 thoughts on “Passive Aggressive or Aggressively Passive?

  1. martha68 says:

    is there a reason why you can’t make a list as these things come up? that’s what i have to do for my bad memory. it also helps to encourage me when i feel like i’m not getting anything done. i can look at my list and go “WOW! i’ve gotten a LOT done!
    i’ve learned i have a finite amount of energy and memory. i hate coming home to realize i don’t have a bunch of the things i need to finish miscellaneous jobs around the house. lists are the only things that save me.
    the other thing that helps me is a calendar that i write appointments/obligations, etc. on. it keeps me from making clashing appts. and helps me arrive where i’m supposed to be when i’m supposed to be there…approximately. i’m too concrete to be able to have a computer do the job for me it seems. the calendar on the refrigerator seems to work the best. it is there for all the family to see and we can stay coordinated.
    lest you think i’m naturally organized, i can tell you that any organized aspect of my life has been learned. i have a natural desire for organization, but have had to learn it from books and other people. i barely “keep it together”. with each move, my whole system seems to unravel and i have to start over again:(


  2. Becky says:

    Thanks, Megan. Thanks for sharing how much you “stink”. *smile* I “stink” too. It’s always better to “stink” in groups (and in quotes). Last week I remembered that Lily had a doctor appointment 20 min. before the doctor appointment. Seriously, thanks for keepin’ it real.


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