5 Extra Hours

We were supposed to join some other homeschooling families for a “Field Day” at the park today. The plan was to be there from 9-2, come home and get ready for a 3:00 piano recital here at our house with two other families (two kids played violin), then figure out getting two girls to softball practice at 4:00 and another girl to a choir rehearsal at 5:00, all on opposite sides of town.

It rained today and so Field Day was canceled. I went to break the news to the girls who all seemed visibly relieved. Maddie even smiled. I said, “What? If you didn’t want to go you could have just told me that.” She said, “I wanted to go, but I’m just so tired.” Indeed. It was the perfect day for rain to cancel things.

The rest of the day was still goofy beginning at 3, but until then, the girls rested, they did some school, and I finished some projects I’d started and hadn’t had time to complete yet.

I planted seeds in one of my new raised bed boxes on Wednesday. Yesterday I bought some started plants and planted those today. In the rain.


This photo was just taken, so it’s dark outside, but it makes me happy. I still need to fill the other 6 empty squares with something, but the rain got considerably harder after I put in the 6th tomato plant so I came inside and began finishing up this:


My dad hung it up for me tonight. I’ve sworn to everyone I’m going to bed soon, but now that one window is complete…I’m tempted to try to get another one made before my dad leaves on Sunday.

Or I might just go to bed. One is good, right?


8 thoughts on “5 Extra Hours

  1. B says:

    Oh, good for you Megan. I love the window. I can’t imagine actually making that! What a cozy little nook you have now. Blessings and rest for you tonight. B.


  2. martha68 says:

    doesn’t it feel great to get loose ends tied up…especially when your dad comes to help out! how nice. now if you can just rest up you’ll feel human. is graduation coming soon? what an accomplishment …for both of you! m


  3. Audra says:

    Meagan…..care to share the instructions for building a raised bed? It looks fairly simple, but would love to know how and what supplies to buy and the approximate amount the supplies cost. Thanks.
    Curtains look wonderful!
    You’re quite a gal, Megan!


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