A Homeschooler’s Lament

It’s been a long year and we’re not even through
But the summer wind is calling from out of the blue
The kids are getting antsy and I am too
The only cure seems to be a strong, stiff brew (tea, of course)
Just at the same time I’m feeling feeble and frail
What should appear but a big stack of mail
Catalogs from Sonlight and Veritas Press
Others from Timberdoodle, man I’m a mess
I thought I had next year’s plan nailed down flat
But those catalogs come and they make me think that
Maybe my plan needs just a bit of help
So I open the catalogs and then start to yelp
What’s this? This looks great! Where was it last year?
What’s that? How’d I miss it? Has it always been here?
Will my children be okay with the plan that I drew?
It may have to be, but wait – Phonetic Zoo?
Oh man, I want that. I really do. It is true
There are hundreds of other great things we could do
If only the money grew out of my shoe
And time…we could use some more of that too.

5 thoughts on “A Homeschooler’s Lament

  1. Jamie says:

    Ha ha! I hear you, Dr. Seuss. I’ve got grammar, handwriting, spelling, and math ordered and on the shelf, but the rest is still to be decided. So many choices; so many ways to be picky and particular; so little time to consider, if I’m going to have a chance to look through my purchases over the summer. (Darn finite time!) (And budgets!)
    Very clever little rhyme, by the way. 🙂


  2. mrs darling says:

    I just posted our past school year in pics. Now I have no idea which way to go next year. The kids love classes away from home but they are so time consuming Im not sure if we will do them again. I havent even started looking at curriculum. I love your poem. It really captures the feeling this time of year.


  3. Luke Holzmann says:

    What ho? But, hello! And “howdy” as well.
    ‘Tis common to plan then feel a death knell.
    But banish your fear, pack it away in a box.
    The options are great, like the many lost socks,
    Yet don’t focus on that. Turn your gaze over here:
    These are your children; love, do not fear.
    Yes, more money and time would be wonderfully nice,
    But learning together is a prize without price.
    So stow all the angst, reject sleepless nights.
    Get what will be best… that’s likely Sonlight’s.
    [laughing] May you find the tools that perfectly match you and your family, and be blessed with the resources you need to procure them.


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