My Two Favorite Masters Graduates and One Pretty Sweet Cake

My camera doesn't take photos in dark rooms very well, so all the pictures I took of Craig walking across the stage are pretty terrible. I did get a good one of Craig and Andi Ashworth after the ceremony was over:


Chuck Colson gave the graduation address that night. I hadn't heard him before and as he was speaking, I kept remembering a comic book I had growing up called "Born Again" with Chuck Colson's face on the cover. For the longest time I wasn't sure if his story was true or not true because it was in a comic book. Somehow I ended up realizing it was true. This isn't relevant at all to this post, other than to say the whole night I kept seeing Chuck Colson as I remembered him from the front of that comic book:


The next day we had a party. It was fun, but wouldn't you know it, I didn't remember to take a single picture the whole night. I did take one of the cake before the party, though:


Whew! And that's a complete wrap on seminary for 2008-2009. Craig will most likely finish his second masters next year (the Masters of Arts in Educational Ministries). I may or may not finish the Graduate Certificate (Covenant had to stop giving free tuition for those of us in the lowly Grad Certificate option). I may get "grandfathered" in, but probably will not. That's okay. I've come a long way in accepting where I planned to go with a degree and where I ended up. I'm happy with the classes I've been able to take and I'll be happy either way, certificate to hang on the wall or not.

For those of you who came last night, thanks. We had folks from Westminster, Crossroads, Covenant, family, and friends not necessarily associated with school or church. It was lovely to have everyone, and we especially enjoyed all the kids playing together in the backyard.

Craig is taking a post-graduation nap right now and we have a lot of leftover cake to eat tonight. I think we can handle it.