Nice One!

I was shopping in Aldi the other day and saw this gal, probably in her mid-20’s, all summery looking and cute. I’m not sure what made me notice her ankle, other than that it was pretty close to the generic Sprite I was getting. She had a tattoo there. Now, I’m not one opposed to tattoos. I don’t have one, but I’ve joked about getting one before. There’s that issue of the pain involved. That, and I have no idea what I’d get anyway, but then again there’s the pain.

Anyway, this girl, she had a tattoo of a “cute” skull with a pink bow. Kind of like this:


All I could think of the whole rest of the time I was in Aldi was this gal (remember, young and cute) as a 75-year-old granny with a shriveled pink skull with bow tattoo on her ankle. And I could see her future grandkids giggling across the room because have you seen Granny’s tattoo? What in the world was she thinking? Was this kind of thing actually IN when she was young?

Not so much.

Anyway, made me laugh. It would be funny to hear how that actually does play out for her over the next few decades. I’m sure it was some spontaneous and fun decision at the time. Maybe not such a great one later?


6 thoughts on “Nice One!

  1. Char says:

    If she felt she HAD to have this tattoo, at least she had the good taste to choose Mary Kay pink to “cuten” it up! I’m with you on the shriveled ankle of old age. Remind this grandma not to do this!


  2. caron says:

    ha! i’ve seen a coupla those, too.
    i really, really wanted a tattoo when i was 19-22 & appreciate some that i see….but when i was running the st. louis 1/2 marathon, i saw a lot of ankle/leg tattoos. and, really, they looked bad ten years after…even on people that were in shape, fit, hadnt let themselves go, etc. the tats had faded and were kinda blurred. dissuaded me forever.


  3. martha68 says:

    how would a mary kay pink skull look good with an orange outfit? ugh! i guess i’ve never been a skull person. more of a flower person, but not into pain:)i’m with you on that one.
    when i think of all the churches that would have turned us down if i had had a tatooed ankle, i have to laugh out loud!


  4. Angela says:

    That’s how I feel! I’m way to indecisive to commit to a design and way too practical to ignore the fact that anything I choose now will look awful when I’m old. And the pain’s a bit of an issue for me, too.


  5. Cath says:

    Makes me laugh- kind of. My husband and I remember sitting near a beach in Nice, France, seeing old ladies shrivelled to the point being prunes due to sun exposure, and next to them were these young, gorgeous girls, tanning themselves to the same sad end. It was kind of a case of missing the obvious – YOU ARE GOING TO LOOK LIKE THAT ONE DAY!! HELLO!!! But being old seems so far of when you are young, doesn’t it?


  6. anna says:

    Here is my problem. I have never been one to think, “man. what were they thinking?!” Maybe there is something wrong with me? Maybe not. I think it is telling of the past of the individual. Sorta like a small history lesson on the flesh. Who knows… Anyways, I do not have a tatoo and probably will not get one cause clean flesh goes with anything I wear but a tatoo? Not so much.


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