Field Day 2009

Field Day

I think we had a pretty anti-climactic last day of school yesterday. I say this because really we’re not done, but we are, but we’re not. But we are. It’s complicated.

Today we spent 4 hours at the park with a lot of other families doing the long jump, the 50-yard dash, the softball throw, and other assorted things, some of which involved face paint. Face paint that two of my kids turned into body paint. I wasn’t exactly standing there when they did it, so I can’t be held responsible. Anyway, it came off easily enough.

Field Day was fun, but again, being out in the sun all day makes me so sleepy and I have no real idea why. When we came home I took a pseudo-nap for almost two hours. A pseudo-nap is the kind where you don’t ever really fall asleep. You are always aware of what goes on around you, yet suddenly two hours have passed. When you get up you don’t feel any less-trashed than when you laid down. It’s really productive.

Anyway, with Field Day today, Memorial Day on Monday, and three girls participating in standardized testing Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, that pretty much zaps next week. We’re keeping some friends’ kids Wednesday night through Sunday night and the following week begins day camp for the two youngest among us as well as super-ramped up play practices because the play the girls are in begins June 5.

And believe it or not I’m feeling as though we’re slowing down a bit.

Tomorrow should be beautiful. Craig is taking two on a bike ride to train for his trip in June. In the afternoon three girls have play practice and Craig will take the forth to the school to watch track and field events. This means I’ll pretty much have Saturday to myself.

I may sleep all day. Or I may finish up the verse packs I’m working on tonight and finally mop the floor that has been asking me to mop it all week. Or I may sleep all day.

Regardless, I have nobody coming over to the house and no plans until early evening. It will be glorious.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!