The 2nd Dunham Family Graduate of 2009

The Graduate

It’s the day of the year we’ve been looking forward to all year long: the official last day of preschool. And true to our earlier prediction, this one here is the first child in the Dunham family to graduate preschool. The evidence:

Preschool Diploma

We’ve got four extra kids in our family for the weekend, so we “celebrated” this momentous occasion by dusting off my mortar board from OSU and the NHS tassel from high school (because it had blue in it and Millie’s school colors also contained blue). I said “I hereby pronounce you officially graduated from the institution of preschool” in front of everyone and we gobbled up the graduation rice krispy treats made specifically for this occasion.

Now that I no longer have to remember to take her to preschool I’m guessing I might end up driving her there again next week by accident.

Okay, not really.

And just like that, like the season of diapers, 5-point-harnesses, and holding hands on the escalator, this stage is over for our family. It’s been a good one, but I know it gets better. Though if she would still cuddle like only a 5-year-old can for a few more years nobody around here will complain.

Congrats, Millie!!


7 thoughts on “The 2nd Dunham Family Graduate of 2009

  1. Kelly Burr says:

    I agree – I would love for mine to stay in the cuddle – mom is the best – I love you stage for as long as possible!! They just grow up so fast – I was trying to bribe my oldest into not turning ten – it didn’t work – she is now double digits!! 😦


  2. Angie D says:

    Congratulations, indeed!
    Incidentally, this time next week, I will be where you are–my baby graduating preschool. It’s on to the Big House from here! 🙂 ::high five::
    “Big House”, of course, meaning elementary school. And not jail. Ahem.


  3. martha68 says:

    i guess it’s the nurse in me, but i tho’t the clavicle harness (or whatever it is called) added just the right touch to the preschool graduation outfit. that and the cute smirk/smile that she often seems to have that look like mischief personified. love it! m


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