My Writing Balloon Fizzled

We had four extra kids for the weekend, so that meant survival and not much else (not that those kids were hard – just 8 kids as opposed to the normal 4 takes extra thought. And an extra driver most of the time). Two funny stories from the weekend:

1) Well, I can’t really tell you this one yet because I’m telling the WORLD on Thursday.

2) This conversation held in my van on the way to the swimming pool on Sunday afternoon:

6-year-old boy to his 4-year-old sister: “I’m not sure if we know anyone who isn’t a Christian. Do we? I don’t think we do. Wait! Maybe the Miller’s*!”

4-year-old girl to her 6-year-old brother: “I think you’re right! They aren’t Christian, they are vegetarian!!”

If that doesn’t about make you almost drive off the road, I’m not sure what will. Hilarious. And in case anyone wonders, we did have a quick chat about worldview verses health choices.

*Not their real name

The play the girls are in (The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe) begins this Friday which means all kinds of ramped up rehearsals this week. Rehearsals are going from 6-10 at the earliest (read: we won’t really be done until 10:30 or 11, so bring a pillow while you wait). This wouldn’t be so bad except that Katie and Millie also have day camp this week, so they have to be ready to leave the house by 8:30 everyday. The person who is most affected by this schedule is Katie who is the only one of the whole batch to have to stay up that late and also have to get up early.
Fortunately she’s also the only one of the whole batch who knows herself well enough to know when enough’s enough. She will voluntarily take naps when she’s tired, so I see that happening for her every day this week beginning tomorrow.

I volunteered to help with the cast party which meant I got drafted into being responsible for the cast party. I haven’t exactly done anything with that yet, so I should do that sometime soon. Like maybe tomorrow.

Also, all three girls need black shoes for this production (all the black shoes we own are either too small or completely trashed). Guess who doesn’t sell black shoes in the summertime? Pretty much everybody. Okay, I only tried Target, so I get to go hunting for three pairs of black shoes tomorrow.

I also offered to bake some concession stand snacks for two of the six shows. I’m planning to make some lion cupcakes and turkish delight. Note I said “planning” to make these things. What will actually probably happen is a last minute batch of chocolate chip cookies and/or rice krispy treats. Because that’s just the kind of thoughtful mom I am.

And that just about does it for this first official day of summer. Maybe my writing balloon will blow back up again soon, or maybe not. It’s too early to tell.


4 thoughts on “My Writing Balloon Fizzled

  1. Suzanne says:

    Us vegetarians get such a bad rap! Payless had black mary janes and ballet flats in kid sizes last week when I was there. Sounds like a fun week!


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