Fall Fail

I once imagined myself to be the type to change out decorations with the seasons. I had an autumn bin, a Valentine’s bin, an Easter bin, several Christmas ones. I still have some of these, but for sure the Valentine’s bin is long gone and the Easter one just holds four pastel baskets and a plethora of mis-matched plastic eggs. I’m secure with who I’ve become. It’s totally fine.

But here’s the thing: while I do still have an autumn bin, I usually forget I have it until something pressing comes up that requires me to unearth it. That happened tonight. I needed to access the spools of fall colored necklace plastic stringy stuff (see? I lost my craft queen status a long time ago too) for one of the tutors for Classical Conversations tomorrow. While I was digging around for the string, I found my fall wreath for the front door (which proudly adorned our front door last fall…and winter…). I also found this cute fall pillow my friend, Monica, gave me a couple of years ago. I didn’t want to pull everything out of the bin yet, but did grab the door wreath and the pillow.

And then I did a double take on the pillow. Guess who accidentally packed an actual pumpkin last year? Any guesses? Care to know what last year’s small pumpkin crop looks like 12 months later? It looks an awful lot like this:

Moldy Pumpkins

Who needs The Moldy Peaches? I’ve got the makings for a band name right here. Maybe even an album cover.

Monica, I bring shame upon your crafting essence. I’m sorry I ruined your sweet gift with what can only be construed as mother-without-a-head sometime last year.

I’m a little scared to look into the rest of the box. I have no idea if I decided to pack just one live pumpkin, or a whole table set. Maybe it can wait until next year to find out? Okay, maybe not. I’ll look. Tomorrow.


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