6 is a Serious Number

When you go to as many baseball games as we did this summer (ahem), you sorta get the advertising stuck in your head. Case in point:

We’ve heard this Mobile on the Run ad so many times we started singing it to Millie in honor of her upcoming birthday. It only made sense to turn it into the official party theme:

Millie's Birthday

This will be her first friend birthday party. Can you say, “Excited?”

Now then, to figure out how to get some corporate sponsorship on this thing… *grin*


2 thoughts on “6 is a Serious Number

  1. Tricia Agan says:

    Ha! We sing this at our house all the TIME… it was those Cardinals games for us, too! (Our kids also check the sports page daily to see if we “need” to make a run to On the Run that day – their marketing works!)
    Congratulations to your soon to be six-year-old (after all, 6, is a serious numbah…)


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