Partial Week in Review

Clearly you can see we practically live in the car. Some days more than others, but overall, more often than not. Case in point:


Introduce the Mommy Madness Mobile to the St. Louis Children’s Choirs bumper sticker; make a public fool out of myself trying to figure out the DVD sound system in the Traverse. Experience epic technology fail.

Pick up extra kids, take my kids plus extra kids to ballet class.

Go home.

Go back and switch one set of kids in ballet class for another set of kids in ballet class.

Go home.

Go back and pick up the second set of kids in ballet class, take one of them back to her own house.

Head straight to the orthodontist for previously scheduled (but forgotten about) appointments.

From there go home and attempt to do a smattering of school work.

Take two kids to choir rehearsal in Creve Coeur (30 minutes from Maplewood during rush hour and with 40 still closed in our neck-o-the-woods).

Go to the seminary to wait for 45 minutes.

Go pick up one kid from choir.

Drive back to Maplewood; decide on the drive home to pick up Jimmy John’s for dinner because we don’t have a lot of time before our evening plans.

Stop at Jimmy John’s and order two 9’s, one 12, and one slim 6. Go home.

Toss food on the table and make everyone eat it as fast as they can.

Wait for Craig to come home with second choir child. Make them eat as fast as they can.

Load back up in the Mommy Madness Mobile (aka: 2010 Chevy Traverse) and head to the Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus.

Head back home at 9:45pm and drop dead.

Recover from Thursday (read: stay home, in jammies, do school work).

Take child to an additional choir rehearsal.

Go to Westminster Christian Academy to drop off other children for the powder puff football game being held before dinner.

Go back to choir to pick up that child.

Go back to WCA again and eat dinner.
Head back home at 7:30 and drop dead.

Hope Saturday is a tad more restful than the rest of the week. (Whatever.)