Cool Cat

Yesterday morning I joined about 25 ladies from my church
for brunch at Miss Aimee B’s Tea Room in St. Charles. Knowing ahead of time
that I would have this super clean vehicle that seats eight, I volunteered to
drive the carpool from Maplewood.

Knowing my propensity to get lost driving across the street
anywhere I go, I tried turning on my On-Star service this morning, but it still
hasn’t been activated yet. I’m so glad I wasn’t in some life threatening
situation or something. Those people want some kind of signature signed in
order to help you out give proper directions. I’m working on that one next.

I do have one of those Tom Tom things, but I can’t find the
cord that plugs into the car lighter. This is because I can’t use that cord in
my van. If I do, the entire front panel fuse blows out and that just makes for
some frustrating driving. We learned back in 2002 not to do that anymore. And
we haven’t for seven years now.

Do I have a point? Yes. Here it is: I printed a google map

There were so many ladies who showed up to carpool I
couldn’t legally fit them all in my Traverse (though I’m certain they would
have fit in there if we could get creative – I just know it). Two of us ended
up driving to St. Charles which left only seven in my Mom Ride.

Miss Aimee B's 2

We were doing swell all the way to St. Charles. It wasn’t
until pulling off of I70 that I got a teensy bit distracted while talking to my
friend in the front seat. I drove right past Miss Aimee B’s. Never fear,
though, I had five women in the back pipe up to let me know of my goof. Where
are those five women all the rest of the time I make this exact same mistake? I
want to know!


We had a lovely brunch at Miss Aimee B’s (I highly recommend
it!). Then most of us congregated around my tricked-out ride to check out the
crazy wrap job all the great features. While they were checking it out, I ran
back in the tea room to find one of the gals riding with me. When I returned to
the car, one of my friends casually said, “Did you say this car seats eight?” I
replied with, “Sure does! Is someone else joining us for the ride home?” She
said, “Just the stray cat that jumped in the back ten seconds ago!”

Where is the flip video camera when you REALLY need it? I
couldn’t pull it out fast enough. The cat was in, it took a quick test drive
around Miss Aimee B’s, figured out the sound on the DVD player, and then left
before it had a chance to enlighten me. Drat, cat!


This car is so cool, even all the crazy cats in town want a
piece of the action.


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