Better Late Than Never. Right?


Yep. Here is is, November 12 and I finally got around to making a daily school schedule that fits our needs this year. Just in time for all our weekly extras to come to a halt in a month. That's the way I roll.

We've been doing most of this stuff, but more in a, "Hmmm, what should we do next?" kind of way. Not only are we not the most efficient with that method, but there are several things we just accidentally forget to to.

Believe it or not, we've done everything on the schedule this week and it hasn't felt hard or too much. Moving the girls' read alone time to the last school activity of the day was my brilliant homeschool idea of the week. (I wish I had some kind of brilliant homeschool idea of the week every week). It comes at a time everyone is really ready for a break anyway. So they get a break, but they are also getting some schooling done. It's a win-win.

And I'm using my window board again. For a while it was just cute kitchen/office decoration. It needed to have a purpose in our family again.