St. Augustine Party, Dunham Style


Craig decided to celebrate the birthday of St. Augustine of Hippo with his Ethics classes today. He asked me on Tuesday if I might be interested in catering the party. I asked him what the budget was. He said, “Budget?”

Just kidding. He actually asked me what we could afford to spend. “Not much,” I said. So, we went to Sam’s and bought two trays of cookies and a whole bunch of soda – just like they had in ancient times.

The girls and I showed up for the third class and we partied like rock stars, which is to say that we colored in the back of the room for the 30-minute lecture portion of class, and then stood in the back eating cookies for the last 20 minutes. It was great fun.

On the way home, the girls all agreed they love going to school with Daddy. But then one of them said, “I like going, except when all the highschoolers start talking about how cute we are. It makes me feel dumb.” “Yeah,” another daughter said, “it makes me feel like a baby in a duckie suit.”

A baby in a duckie suit. I laughed so hard I almost had to call OnStar for assistance (and just because I can for another two hours before I go give the car back).

I told them I would make it up to them by showing them the movie Up! when we got home, as I picked it from Redbox this morning when I ran to the store for carrots for a science experiment (because we’ve never seen carrots turn into a science experiment before…ahem).

So my girls, who don’t want to be called cute, are wrapping up their celebration of this important church father with a little dose of Pixar.

Seems fitting, no?


Okay, so when does anything we do ever really make sense around here?

Hope you all have a great weekend!