Who Thinks This is a Coincidence?

I’m preparing for my 4th-6th grade girls’ Sunday School class tonight. We’re using the Desiring God curriculum: How Majestic Is Your Name?

Tomorrow we cover lesson 7: JEHOVAH-JIREH, The Lord Will Provide

I just read through all the stories I’m going to recount tomorrow, namely the story of the widow and Elijah and the jars of oil.

Yeah, ironic timing or a Message From The Lord?

I’m not worried about my van. I have plans to work on the mold tomorrow with my hazmat suit and some bleach. It has a full tank of gas and it runs just fine. It isn’t something we need replaced right now. Sometime soon? Perhaps. But do I believe God to be the JEHOVAH-JIREH now in 2009 or so I just believe He was the Lord Who Provided in the Old Testament?

Sometimes I do live that way. I do believe the Bible to be true. But sometimes I believe it to only be true for the time in which was written. I live in the land of do-it-yourself-and-maybe-just-maybe-if-you-ask-really-nicely-God-will-help-you.

I’m going to be asking my girls tomorrow to think about times with God has provided for them. I will be doing the same.

Because He is indeed, JEHOVAH-JIREH. And He will provide. For me. In 2009. And for you too.

Blessing Bags

Sometimes I hesitate to share something "good" we do for fear that it come off as showing off. You know what I'm saying? That verse about doing your good works in secret comes to mind. Often.

But this one wasn't my idea. We grabbed it from a friend because we thought it such a GOOD idea and I thought maybe others might also think it a good idea and the more people doing this one the better.

The girls in my Sunday School class came over tonight and we put together "blessing bags" for the homeless. What's a blessing bag? It's a bag filled with easily kept, easily opened foods that you keep in your car. When you see someone who needs it, you simply hand them a bag. Here's what we put in our bags tonight:

1 pop-top style can of chicken noodle soup
1 pop-top style can of fruit
1 package of cookies
1 package of cheese crackers
1 water bottle
1 spoon
1 card with our church contact info

We stapled these shut with a note on the outside that says, "We hope this bag provides a blessing for you today!"

We made about 60 bags. We plan to put them in the gathering area of our church tomorrow to encourage members to take one to keep in their car to hand out this week when they see someone in need.

The girls were really excited to put these together. I hope we have the courage to actually hand them out now.