WTB: Horse and Buggy

Wanted: Dependable transportation that will seat more than a few (preferably 8). It would be nice to be able to store things in the back, too, like a tent or several bags of groceries.

Our 1996 Honday Odyssey van kicked the bucket on Monday, three days after being reintroduced to our family. As a result, we’re a one-car family for a while until we get things sorted out and figure out what comes next.

It would seem to make sense we would be interested in the new Chevy Traverse that we just spent the last 30 days driving around. And we would, except for one tiny problem: $$$$$. We were told we would get a pretty good deal on a new Traverse if we decided to buy one, but Chevy and I have two different interpretations of the term “good deal.”

So here’s my official inquiry:

  • What do you drive?

  • How many does it seat?

  • How is it on the storage capacity?

  • Do you love it?

  • Would you buy it again?

The Dunhams have officially entered the auto research game. Darn it.