You Wanna Hear a Secret?

I kind of like being a one-car family.

Wow! Can you believe I just said that? I mean, sure, it’s going to get old here pretty soon. And I’m super thankful we have our pastor’s family’s second van for the weekend. But here’s why I’ve sort of enjoyed the past few days: Families who drive together stay together.

Or something.

You know, life with four kids the ages ours are just gets put on auto-pilot sometimes. Craig and I slap hands and say, “Tag!” as we’re coming and going. This week we had to be very intentional about who was going where and when and how we were going to get various places with only one car.

It meant on one day we had to skip a class we usually go to. It meant on another day Craig had to dash home right after school to pick us up so we could go drop him off before taking the girls to choir rehearsals.

That day was today. Because Craig works the bookstore after school, and leaves before we get up, we usually don’t even see him until 6:30pm each day. But this week it seems we’ve seen him more.

And six people crammed into an Oldsmobile ’98 is just some kind of fun right there.

Sure, I’ll be super happy when I don’t have to beg friends to come get my kids and take them to ballet for me. But for now, this is pretty novel and I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts.


6 thoughts on “You Wanna Hear a Secret?

  1. RT says:

    Families who drive together… schedule their outings, share rides with friends, and sometimes have to cancel plans. At the very least, they always know where the other family members are! : )
    Now, if Craig worked from home like Jeremy does, it’d be fairly simple. But I’m amazed that you can make it work for any period of time. Wow!


  2. Suzanne says:

    Having been a one car family for 9+ years I can assure you that it will get old very quickly! Enjoy the novelty while it lasts 🙂


  3. Christy says:

    We are a one car family and my husband is adament to stay that way for the very reason of your post. We don’t live two separate lives- we are together and we like it like that.


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