12th Week, 1st Week!

Anyone from Eagle Lake Camp still read my blog? Come on, say it with me, "Enthusiasm is… annoying! CONTAGIOUS!!

Yep, still have that stuck in my head even though we left Colorado five years ago and haven't lived up at camp in eight. And as much as that little cheer did annoy the snot right out of me every week, I find myself using the principle of it even now.

Tomorrow is week 12 of our Classical Conversations semester. This means it is the last day for the fall. We'll have our second annual pie feast and then be done for a while. We do have a Christmas party scheduled in two weeks (be still my heart, is it really coming that fast?), but the hard work of weekly class prep will be over until mid-January.

We're all breathing a huge sigh of relief right now. But even still, I don't want to blow off tomorrow. Week 12 is every bit as important as was week 1 or week 5 or week 9.

And I hope it's better than last week and that nobody cuts their chin open during lunch. Please, God. 

So here's to finishing the semester well. And here's to an enjoyable and restful 6 weeks off.