And Now We Are (thirty) Six

Pooh pie
Happy Pie Day to You

Happy Pie Day to You

Happy Pie Day Dear Everyone

Happy Pie Day to You!

I’m thankful that I’m finally done peeling eggs and that I finished before 3am. I’m thankful that all seven layers of my jello salad set up. I’m thankful the rolls are yummy and that Craig and I managed to only eat one each tonight. I’m thankful I can sleep in the van on our way to the farm later today. Oh yes, I’m thankful we have a van again. Our own normal van. And it’s running just fine for now. I’m thankful for my kids who picked out some funny things for me to unwrap later today. I’m thankful for four days at the farm in which we can rest.

I hope you find plenty to be thankful for today as well.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


One thought on “And Now We Are (thirty) Six

  1. Jawan says:

    I can’t believe I’m still up either. I’m on eastern standard time and just finished with all the food fixins at 3:15 a.m. We still have to rise early and drive to “Mamma and ‘dem’s’ house tomorrow.
    Happy Thanksgiving!


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