Anyone Out There Handy With Mod Podge?

Once upon a time I went to college. And I lived in a dorm with the other dorm dorks and I didn't really mind it so much. I never aspired to be a sorority girl except when I saw all their cute matchy matchy stuff and even then I didn't really want to be a sorority girl, but I sort of wanted some of their stuff.

I promise I have a point.

Many of the sorority girls at my school had these totally awesome super sized lap desks that their sorority "mom" made for them – cute magazine clippings and other fun flat embellishments abounded. Then this man in Stillwater did something to the board that sealed the deal for good. I'm not even sure what it was, but the boards were smooth and ready for writing.

Fast forward about 15 years. Have you priced nice large lap desks lately? They are crazy. I wanted to do something similar to what these sorority girls had in Stillwater, Oklahoma in the mid-90's because I'm totally hip like that. I asked my dad to cut me some boards which he willingly did. See?

Lap Desk Potential

But now I'm stuck. I had all these super plans to cutesify them for each of the girls and do the mod podge thing. Then it occurred to me that these probably won't be smooth enough to write or draw on.  There will be bumps from the paper.

Help? WWYD? (That's "what would you do" in case you didn't know that already.) I was planning on these for Christmas. Now I'm not so sure.


We Finally Got a Tree

Megan DDP Day 5

Craig and I had four hours of free child care this morning. Four hours. Free. We went to breakfast at this local greasy spoon and I had a plate of biscuits and gravy. And I’m not apologizing for it.

Megan DDP Day 5/2

We then went and picked up our Christmas tree this year.

Megan DDP Day 5/3

This is our fifth Christmas in St. Louis and the third time we’ve had a
Christmas tree. We didn’t get one last year because we thought we would
be tearing the ceiling down over the break and it didn’t make sense
(turns out we waited until March for that fun project…). The five
female Dunhams are very thrilled to have a tree again this year. And
Clark (I mean, Craig) did a great job of getting it set up and the
lights on.