Wrapping Up December

On the 18th, Craig and I went to the WCA Christmas banquet. Here’s Craig in this smashing bow tie that I learned to tie exactly 10 minutes before we had to leave by watching a youtube video seven times. Seriously. I’m pretty proud of this tie. The man is pretty snazzy too.


The banquet kicked off Craig’s two weeks worth of Christmas break. It also kicked off our “I KNOW. Let’s paint the dining room right now!” project. We painted it yellow. There is no more, and I repeat, NO MORE peach on our walls. Not one drop of it. Nor is there any country blue floral border to be found anywhere. (There are country borders in two bedrooms upstairs, but those will be taken care of some other “break”).


The yellow goes with the orange, like so:


And our carpet is still teal green, but there’s not a lot we can do about that. If you knew us in Colorado you would know that we had orange walls in our kitchen, wrapping around into our living room. We had sage green walls in the living room and down the hall. We had a yellow ceiling over the whole thing.

And without even thinking about it or realizing it, we just recreated that house in reverse. Seems like we’re just your plain old orange/yellow/green kinda folks. We’re okay with that. I did decide to keep the ceilings the same color as the walls in that room, so in this I am showing signs of maturity. There is hope.

By the way, I LOVE painted ceilings. White ceilings totally miss out on the whole party.

And, because we now have totally bare windows, it is time to finally do something about it. I’ve started the next two hobbled Roman shades for the dining room.


And here we have the obligatory Christmas jammies/stocking shot (and no, we don’t give our kids beer for Christmas, though in this photo it looks like we did just exactly that):


This one really likes her new lap quilt:


And now I’m baking a cake and getting ready for M10 to turn into M11 tomorrow.


And that’s been our last 10 days in a nutshell.