Quick! Where can I find some Rockies and Ropers?

If you don’t know what either of those things are, you obviously didn’t grow up in Oklahoma. If you know what those things are and never owned a pair of either, you grew up Southern Baptist in Oklahoma.

I thought about titling this post, “In which leaving obnoxious comments on your friend’s blog finally pays off,” but I thought that might be a little over the top. You see, Gretchen went to a country music concert in Denver last week. And in her post I noticed the show is coming to St. Louis. So I dropped a not-so-subtle hint. And lookie who I get to listen to this weekend:

So Jason Aldean and Jewel are touring right now, though I can’t figure out if they are touring together or separately. (Another thing I also can’t figure out: when did Jewel turn country? I must have missed that one.) Anyway, they will be in St. Louis this weekend, and I get to take a friend with me this weekend to see the show, as well as attend a backstage performance by Jason Aldean, a Q&A session, and partake of a hospitality menu (they just spoke my love language – free food!)

Confession time: I wasn’t familiar with the actual name Jason Aldean before reading Gretchen’s post. But I DO listen to country music on the radio in the car. So when I clicked over to listen to his songs, I recognized almost every one. Booyah.

I can prove I have a little country streak in me: I mentioned it here; I also mentioned it here; I even mentioned it here; and then I made all of you discuss it with me here.

See? There’s a country girl at heart buried within me. It’s time to get my twang on…and maybe find a cowboy hat somewhere.