Sometimes we blast out to Johnny Cash too…

Don’t let Craig fool you: he likes country music, too. Kinda. And he likes a free night out almost as much as I do, so when I offered to take him along Saturday night to the Jason Aldean concert here in St. Louis, he was game. As you can see from this picture, he and Jason got along just fine. Here, Craig is asking Jason about life on the road:


Thanks to Country Financial’s Trips and Picks promotion, we received two complimentary tickets to the show and pre-show performance, complete with fancy food, adult beverages (we still have two drink tickets left…anyone want them?), photo op with the real Jason Aldean (as opposed to the cardboard version), and all that goes with that.


Jason was a really relaxed, laid back kind of guy, as you can see here. He’s so contemplative, too.


The thrill of the night was when he invited me on stage to perform, get this, instead of him (guess he’d had enough of the pre-performance crowd and needed someone to cover for him – I was glad to do so).


After my performance, I did a little stand-up routine about how it sure would have been nice to have lost my 20-30 pound goal before getting on stage at a Jason Aldean concert instead of after. There’s nothing like seeing a photo of yourself in the spotlight to remind you of why you’re working on that goal in the first place.


As for the actual show, I really did enjoy it. I wanted to line dance, but Craig had to hold me back (he thought I’d look silly out there all by myself). I didn’t think I would look any sillier than the couple out there by themselves attempting to…well, what they were attempting to do I can’t write here. This is a G-rated blog.

All the radio hits Jason played were fun to listen to live. I really enjoyed hearingBig Green Tractor’ in the pre-show performance with just acoustic guitar and not the whole band. I probably would have enjoyed hearing the entire show that way, but that just means I’m getting old(er).

I did put together a pretty sweet video of the whole deal, which you can watch here on Craig’s blog. He has a much better review ear than I do (he walks out of a concert with a list of technical things he wants to talk about; I end a concert saying, “Cool.”)

Thanks to Country Financial for the fun evening! Thanks to Gretchen for passing my name on to her country music fairy! Thanks to Jason Aldean for the performance. Thanks to anyone who can get the song “She’s Country” out of my head (it’s been playing over and over for the past 48 hours)

Jason Aldean’s Wide Open Spaces tour continues clear through September. Find out if he’s coming your way!


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