Tourist in Your Own Town: St. Louis – Concordia Seminary


Today’s installment of Be a Tourist in Your Own Town is an oldie but a goodie for our family. A visit to Concordia Seminary.

I know. A seminary may seem like an odd place to feature in my Tourist in Your Own Town series, but consider the source. We moved here to St. Louis five years ago to be…a seminary family. (Incidentally, not Concordia, but Covenant. Also incidentally, Craig finishes his second degree NEXT MONTH. And there will be much rejoicing…until the loan deferment wears off and we receive the gift of a steep monthly bill in the mail which will come for the rest of our natural lives. Ahem.)

Okay, so back to Concordia. We lived here for about 15 months when I learned that Concordia allows people to come tour their campus. We couldn’t resist.

For Whom the Bells Tolls

While the institution itself was established in 1839, the present location of the seminary came to be in 1927. It is in the heart of the Central West End of St. Louis which is just all kinds of amazing as you step out of the city and into the peace and serenity these 72 acres of landscaping and architectural wonder provide. It was almost enough to make us want to become Lutheran.

Concordia Courtyard, Side View

We’d heard a rumor before we went that sometimes Concordia students climb the statue of the great reformer himself and place a can of beer in his hands. We asked our tour guide about this. He offered no comment on that. We laughed quietly.

Here I Stand!

On your tour of the campus you can climb Luther Tower if you are so inclined (get it? inclined? It’s late…)

Down the Up Staircase

You can see the tower in the background of this photo:

Shadowed in front of Luther Tower

At the top of this tower you can see the 49-bell carillon that is still played today. More info
on this can be found here

More Bells

After you’ve accomplished this feat, you are given one of these “I Climbed Luther Tower” buttons.

Our Claim to Fame

I still have mine.

Concordia Seminary

All in all, not a bad way to spend an hour or two in the middle of St. Louis. I recommend it.