Allow Me to Gush for a Moment

I’m not exactly what you would call a concert connoisseur. A few years ago I listed all the concerts I had attended thus far and while I need to update that list a little now, it wouldn’t take long. I like a good concert, like the rest of us, but the price tag combined with our 6-member family usually makes their attendance a luxury we can only enjoy vicariously through others.


So when the Trips and Picks rep from Country Financial contacted me about attending the Jewel concert last weekend, I actually postponed a planned trip to Kansas City by one day so we could attend. Yes I did.

And I can sum up the entire concert in one word: amazing.


The Sheldon by itself is amazing. I’ve been there before. They run some really well done educational concerts I’ve taken the girls to and we once attended a wedding reception that was held in their ballroom on the fourth floor. I love, love, love going to the Sheldon.

So combine an awesome, eclectic venue with an equally awesome, eclectic performer and you have one awesome, eclectic evening. (Somebody get me a thesaurus – quick!)

Seriously. The backstage experience (which was really in the fourth floor ballroom) made me realize two things: 1) This is a different crowd than the one at the Jason Aldean concert and 2) You don’t know a performer just because you’ve listened to a few of her songs.

It is easy to think you have a handle on who somebody is because you’ve participated in what they’ve produced. In the few moments in which we heard Jewel give a piece of her story, it was easy to see she’s thoughtful and witty and funny and talented and…likeable, darn it.

The show itself was just unlike any other concert I’ve ever attended. Jewel came out expecting to interact with the crowd and her mission was accomplished. She mixed old songs in with the new and the new ones she did were as interesting to listen to as the familiar ones. She told stories and really wove her life in with the music.

I really enjoyed the biographical aspect she gave to the evening. Before we walked in I really only knew these things about Jewel:

  • She’s 36
  • She grew up in Alaska
  • She can yodel

The following song sums up her life in 3:57:

She updated her age when she sang it live, but I remember really
appreciating this line from the song: I’m 36 years old, that ain’t
the end…sure ain’t where I began.
Say what you want about her
worldview (and there’s plenty that could be said about it) but I haven’t
heard a sentiment ring more true with me from a songwriter in a long

Anyway, I could go on and on and on, but I won’t. Instead I will say this: If you get the chance to see Jewel live, GO. I’m serious, GO.



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