Sock Hop

I have a daughter, who shall remain unnamed for the duration of this post, who has a weird tic in which she stores her already-worn socks in random places around the house. I've seen them on bookshelves, on the printer, behind the TV, on the stairs, under the couch, on my sewing desk, and we don't even want to know how many are under her bed. I haven't seen any in the fridge, though. Not yet.

I was putting something away in her coat cubbie just now (think preschool cubbies – we have a set in our kitchen and each girl has a "locker") – seven socks at the bottom of it. SEVEN. And we have a little laundry pile stash at the top of the basement stairs (it's not a good system, but still, it is a system) – this laundry pile is a mere five steps away from said coat cubbie. But no. The coat cubbie is evidently now the go-to place for storing stinky socks.

Looks like we have some retraining to do…