Yes, I Am *That* Conference Attendee (Round 2)

Time for another rousing rendition of “I am the Savvy Blogging Attendee who…”

  • Actually confessed to the ladies at her table that she was once asked to do a product review of “The Foot Flush.” And said yes.
  • Has accidentally been pronouncing the word “monetization” as “monotonization” in her head and when she mentioned out loud to her husband she would be tending a workshop on the latter, he wondered why a blogging conference would be teaching her how to be monotonous.
  • Because clearly she doesn’t have a problem with being monotonous.
  • Promised a bunch of business card holders to ladies here at the conference, but never had a chance to finish them up before leaving St. Louis so she hauled her sewing machine half-way across the country with her and it is sitting here on the table in her hotel room as she types.
  • Managed to get said business card holders done on Thursday night after the first session was over.
  • Has four kids in attendance with her and allowed them to pretty much have free reign with the three (count ’em, THREE) television sets in their suite today.
  • Paid $8 for four packs of Halls cough drops from the hotel gift shop and has thus far consumed 29 of them in the past 36 hours. She will probably finish the last pack tonight while attempting to hack herself to sleep.
  • Pretty much burned the tip of her tongue off by sucking on said Halls cough drops all day.
  • Tied her sweatshirt around her waist today in case it got cold, but failed to notice the bright orange “Oklahoma State University” print was showing…right across her behind…for about three hours.
  • Finally noticed her fashion faux pas when a strange 60-year-old man asked her if she actually went to Oklahoma State University.
  • Carried on a conversation about said university for four minutes before realizing how he even knew that.
  • Got harassed by The Happy Housewife repeatedly for not being on WordPress.
  • Likes The Happy Housewife, though, so it didn’t bother her.
  • Learned a really cool camera trick today as a result of the photography workshop.
  • Showed her photographic success to everyone around her she could make look at her camera screen in proper 2nd grade fashion.
  • Allowed her kids to drink caffeinated beverages tonight at the
  • Will be paying for that decision for probably another hour at this
  • Is pretty glad her kids will all be at summer camp next week so she can attempt to process some of what she’s learned.
  • Feels a teensy bit sorry for fellow attendees who are hopping on the 4:30am shuttle to DIA in the morning.
  • Will herself be sleeping in as late as possible in the morning before packing up and heading back to Colorado Springs for the next 12 days.



3 thoughts on “Yes, I Am *That* Conference Attendee (Round 2)

  1. Valuesval says:

    The sewing machine thing has my jaw dropping. Unless you drove here. Even then….lol
    I’ve loved your posts and loved meeting you and everyobody! Your girls are absolutely adorable, the little one reminded me of my almost 4 year old. Can[t wait to get home!


  2. Jami @ An Oregon Cottage says:

    Goodness, I’m so sorry I didn’t get a chance to meet you this weekend! I’ve just discovered your blog (and read your WORLD articles) through a comment on twitter and am sad I didn’t introduce myself. Well. I will be following-I love your perspective and thanks for the smile. 🙂


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