Celebrity Sighting!

I have a bunch of stories to tell from our time in Colorado this past month, but one that I want to be sure to post tonight. I met a cyber-celebrity on my trip.

We had a great visit. And we had our photo taken together:


Then we had our photo taken together again. This time you can see that really there are three of us in the photo:


But enough of this keeping you in suspense. The cyber-celebrity of whom I am speaking is none other than the eloquent Gretchen of Lifenut fame. And I was able to meet not only her and her soon-to-be-born baby, she was kind enough to bring her entire entourage down to Colorado Springs for an interesting lunch meet-up at the Squeak Soda Shop. Here’s the whole Mopsy crew:


My family tried to one-up them in the attention grabbing department by breaking one of the glass vials of flavoring the shop keeps accessible for customers to sniff, and thus choose, which soda they want to create. I smelled like Lemon-Lime Rickey for the rest of the day.


Not to be outdone, the Mopsy family came back with a one-two punch by tossing an 8-ounce Lemonade Stand overboard.

We stood even on the number of times the mop had to be employed by a Squeak Soda Shop employee.

As a little aside, the Squeak Soda Shop does not charge extra for use of their mop, employee included.

Gretchen and the entire Lifenut crew, thanks for coming to Colorado Springs on a sunny day in July. I enjoyed meeting you (finally) and am confident that had we not moved away from Colorado five years ago, this meeting, and possibly more, would have taken place much sooner.

I’m looking forward to reading the news of your newest Mr. Baby.