A Dream Room

Or, more precisely, a room to dream in.

Remember this contest? The one in which I asked all my online buddies to vote to get my girls’ room painted for free? Remember this photo?

Vote for this room!

Remember that we won?

We did! And then…we went out of town for three weeks. And then I had my wisdom teeth out. But after all that we finally go around to getting the job scheduled. This past Tuesday, the Dettmann-Clause Painting Company right here in St. Louis, sent two of their finest to our house to transform what you see above into what you see below:


You can’t get a good feel for the true color in this photo, so look at this one:


That’s the color. It’s beautiful and we all LOVE it. And, from a quality perspective, I have to tell you – the paint job is excellent. You see that radiator in the corner in the first “after” photo? I’ve personally painted two rooms in this house with those types of radiators and they are seriously hard to paint behind. In fact, in the two rooms I personally painted, I was not able to completely get behind said radiators. And I wouldn’t have faulted them one teensy bit had they not gotten all the way behind it either.

But they did. They are the David Copperfield of painting. I’m serious. Except that what they did was no illusion. It’s both amazing AND real.

So I have to say it again: thanks, thanks, thanks to St. Louis Sprout and About for taking a chance on holding a contest like this, and thanks, thanks, thanks, to the good folks at Dettmann-Clause Painting Company for giving my two youngest girls a room they can dream about. And in.