Who’s there?


August Who?

August 11.

What? You mean this isn’t really a joke? It’s mid-August
already? How in the world did that happen? Though still in the upper 90’s in
St. Louis, we are looking fall squarely in the face as the school year
looms ahead and the schedule turns crazy.

This is the year my family learns the fine art of balancing
the homeschool world with the private school world
as our two oldest girls head
off to a traditional school setting come next Thursday.

This is the year we learn what it means to wake up to an
alarm clock, what homework is, how to negotiate a carpool line, and how many
different ways we can package a PB&J and still make it palatable.


It comes so quickly. We made this decision back in May
and back in May, August seemed a long way off. Yet here we are. August 11. 

While the decision to send the girls to school still seems
like the right one, there are moments I second-guess it. Craig and I were
talking about this very thing the other night and I asked him, “What if this
isn’t the right decision?” His response: “We make it the right


The school calendar came out a couple of weeks ago and I
proceeded to enter all the new events into our family Google calendar.
Back-to-School Family Picnic, New Parent Luncheon, 5th and 6th
grade parent night, 6th grade retreat. Bye-bye freedom in the


New friends, new opportunities, new growth.


Hello, August 11. Let’s do this.


4 thoughts on “Change

  1. TG says:

    All girls in school? I somehow missed the decision. Our boys are (most likely) going to be in school starting February. Such mixed feelings about it. The boys are (mostly) excited. Though, I’ve ordered some books from the school to make the transition easier and have SUCH resentment to have my home schooling plans dictated by the school! *L* I know you understand that. And I’m feeling melancholy. Every day we have school we have conflict, and at the same time, every day is such joy. I don’t want to give up the joy, in spite of the conflict. . . I don’t think that –I– am ready for the ch-ch-ch-change. But I think the boys will be. Praying for you and your girls.


  2. martha brady says:

    this may not be a change for forever, but it is a change for now…and it is right. i think you’ll do fine. when you consider all the changes you’ve been thro’, this one will be a piece of cake…you don’t even have to move to make this change. same church, same job for craig, same town AND same house. easy, cheesy:)


  3. LynnMarie says:

    Change is often a good thing. We get so use to the same-old-same-old that we need change to make new things happen. You will be fine. You are use to change, you will survive!


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