TV Woes

To watch or not to watch…that is the question.

Actually, the question is what to watch?

I'm going to date myself here, but anyone recall with fond memories the time when Prime Time TV generated shows that entire families could watch together? Family Ties anyone? I remember looking so forward to Friday nights for the family-safe sitcoms that would come on television. Now? Nothing.

If you don't have access to subscription television, there really isn't anything that comes on that entire families can watch together. I know, I shouldn't complain. But sometimes a gal just wants something funny for 30 minutes that she can watch with her kids and not have to apologize for.

I know, I know. Netflix to the rescue. But is it too much to ask the major networks to bring back something decent that I can enjoy with my kids? Come on, ABC! NBC! CBS! FOX! PBS?

Family-friendly aside, what are you watching these days? What am I missing out on?

What shows from your childhood would you bring back to the present if you could? I'm thinking Cosby.


17 thoughts on “TV Woes

  1. Mommy Cracked says:

    I really, really miss Who’s the Boss?. I loved when Nick at Night was running the reruns a few years ago. Still love The Nanny and watch those reruns when I can.
    There seems to be nothing but reality TV on nowadays. I don’t have any one show now that is a must see for me every week.
    TV was so GOOD back then!


  2. Rose Bexar says:

    My shows of late are NCIS (might be okay for the older girls as long as they know not to look during the autopsy scenes) and Supernatural (whacked theology, great characters–they’ve got a vampire ep coming up this season entitled “Live Free or Twi Hard”). I’ll also give Blue Bloods a try just because Tom Selleck is in it, and I may end up watching the final season of Smallville just because. And Stargate (SG-1/Atlantis) is fairly family-friendly, if you can catch it on syndication–Stargate Universe not so much.
    Bring back The A-Team, I say! But reruns, not this ridiculous remake binge Hollywood’s on.


  3. Sally D. says:

    We watch a lot of those old TV shows together on the internet. has several of the Who’s The Boss, Family Ties, Charles In Charge, Facts of Life, etc….
    We hooked a computer up to the TV and watch it like regular TV. It’s been a blessing to us.


  4. Haley says:

    We just finished Master Chef on hulu and really enjoyed it! In general, though, we are movie watchers. Period dramas are my soft spot, but we enjoy documentaries, historically accurate films, and British mysteries, too. (I know, I know. We are total nerds. I’m okay with that!)
    Have you and your girls seen Road to Avonlea? If not, check your library, but they’re all on Amazon, too. They’re not cheap but they’re great. As a girl I loved that show, The Cosby Show and old comedies like I Love Lucy, Bewitched, and Dick Van Dyke. And can I admit that I loved The Brady Bunch? None of those are on network TV now, but they’re good DVD options for family viewing!


  5. Megan says:

    We’ve watched the entire series of Little House and still enjoy that one. I did like the Wonder Years too, Jake. And Haley, I would also watch reruns of the Dick Van Dyke show when I got home from school. And Welcome Back Carter.
    I’m just wishing for something that would come on TV predictably at a certain time on a certain day that we could depend on. But I’m guessing reruns are going to have to be my friend.


  6. Ed Eubanks says:

    Two words: streaming Netflix.
    Seriously: for $99 (for something like an AppleTV or Roku) and a subscription (which I think you already have) you can stream almost all of those good old TV shows straight to your TV, as well as movies and a lot of good new shows (I’m thinking about some of the stuff BBC does, but you can do 24 as well.)
    So, there are options.
    But to answer your actual question: we do some of the so-called reality shows with the family. Biggest Loser is especially popular, and our kids like the challenges on Survivor. We also do America’s Got Talent during the summers.
    Marcie and I like Parenthood but I wouldn’t recommend it for family, because of occasional scenes. And we really like Flashpoint.


  7. gretchen from lifenut says:

    One current show we watch as a family is “The Middle” on ABC. It’s funny, sweet, and refreshing. The dad isn’t a dimwit. The family is realistic. The teenaged daughter is one of the best TV characters, ever. She is innocent, loving, and has bad luck but a determined spirit.
    Try to find season one at Netflix or elsewhere, if you can. Season 2 starts tomorrow night! I think! I hope! 🙂


  8. Need A Nap2 says:

    We’ve been watching Wipeout on Hulu. We try to preview and then let the kids watch. They pretty much always watch stuff we check out from the library or already have at home. We don’t have Netflix, antenna, cable, or anything special. I *wish* we had our computer hooked up to our TV so we could watch that way but we smush in together in front of our monitor.
    I miss Cosby Show too! I have Christy on DVD, but it’s only one season and then the PAX miniseries.


  9. RT says:

    We got rid of cable television (and now can access one channel, maybe, with an antennae) several years ago. Aside from special times like presidential elections and the Olympics, I don’t miss it at all. We watch shows and movies on Netflix, online (Hulu and tv stations’ websites), and with DVDs from the library.
    As a family, we’re love programs like Planet Earth and Life. But we also watch a ridiculous amount of Man vs Wild and Dirty Jobs. (A family of one guy, two girls and yep, we watch a lot of dude shows! Go figure.) It’ll be interesting to see what we watch when Livia gets to the age of your older girls.


  10. Christina Z says:

    My daughter and I have been watching The Walton’s on dvds from the library. I remember growing up it was on at 9am and we would watch that before doing school (homeschool)! We also have watched a few episodes of Leave it to Beaver on Netflix.


  11. RoseAnne says:

    Hi Megan! Just found your blog through (my irl friend from here in TN)Christy’s blog(the abundant life). I’m looking forward to reading more about you. You have a beautiful family!
    I don’t know if y’all have direct TV but that’s where we find some decent shows to watch. The channels are NRB(not sure what that stands for), TBN & BYU(I know what this one stands for! we’re not mormon, but they have some good movies), also there’s TCM(Turner Classic Movies). On these different channels you can see documentaries on lovely christian families, watch Anne of Green Gables & the sequels, old episodes of Lassie, the Sugar Creek Gang, lots of great movies with good values & morals. The Hallmark channel has 2 episodes of Little House & at times the Waltons.
    Just thought I’d let you know some of the things that our family enjoys watching together. One more I just thought of is on DHC & sometimes on TLC, the reality show 19 Kids & Counting, also Table for 12(it’s now on as often though).
    Hope some of these help!
    Have a great week…it’s beginning to feel like fall here, LOVE IT!


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