The Cure for Country

Let's say someone in your family has a problem with Country music. I don't mean "has a problem with" in the "takes issue with" sense, but in the "likes it too much" sense. Let's say not everyone in your family appreciates this problem.

I have the perfect solution.

Find a local research place offering to pay your problematic Country music-loving family member $65 if he/she will come to a specified location at a specified time and listen to over 700 clips of Country songs in a 2.5 hour time span while simultaneously rating each and every song on a hand held device.

Your family problem with Country music could very well disappear altogether.

This may or may not have happened in my family tonight.

It may or may not have happened to me. Ahem.

But hey, there's that matter of the $65 and all…but if I hear another Country song anytime soon I'm going to drive someone's sexy tractor right over to the nearest bar, tear up the seats with a set of keys and then check it for ticks.

I'm just sayin'.

9 thoughts on “The Cure for Country

  1. Tara says:

    ROFLOL, Megan, Oh my WORD!!! You are cracking me up!!! That is the best line re: country music since the whole “lost my wife, lost my job, lost my truck, lost my house and when I played the song backwards I got it all back again!”
    Thanks for the laugh!!!


  2. Megan says:

    It was particularly torturous at 10:30pm last night, but all in all, I’m glad for the $65. I did wake up with a variety of Country music stuck in my head…in small little clips.


  3. gretchen from lifenut says:

    I got paid $100 in cash once for doing the same thing for a very well-known Christian music radio empire. Rhymes with Pay-Love.
    They didn’t listen to my opinion, as evidenced by their continuing insistence on playing songs from 1995.


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