From One Sinner to Another


Dear _________,

    This life is not an easy one and we will always have to wrestle with the brokenness of our sin. When my sin collides with your sin it is usually pretty ugly. In fact, it breaks my heart. It is true that you have a lot to learn about how to live with others with grace. I have much to learn about that too.

     I’m sorry I didn’t give you the $0.50 this morning. I was just angry and no other reason. I want you to have chocolate milk today. And when you drink it, know that I love you and I’m sorry about this morning,

Love, Mom

Editor’s note: I realize the photo is blurry, but it seemed appropriate. This post is, after all, less about the actual money and more about what I’m hoping it communicates. We’re off to drop a letter off at the school now. Peace out.