Time Warp

On Thursdays Maddie and Chloe’s school has a late start, so they don’t have to be there until 9:20am. This doesn’t really affect most of us too much, though, in that we have a friend who we carpool with and on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays she picks up in the morning and I deliver in the afternoon.

Today was different, though. Chloe’s class is going on an overnight field trip and she needed to be there by 8:30 so we all went this morning.

For Katie and Millie, Thursdays usually mean home time until ballet at 11, so they have gotten used to having lunch when we get home.

That’s a long intro for this scenario: Because we had to take the girls to school this morning, when we got home it was 9. Katie was making her schedule for the rest of the day and she said, “Okay, we’ll take Peaches for a walk and then take a bath while you fix lunch.”

I told her I liked her plan except that I wasn’t planning to make lunch this early.

She replied, “What? It’s only 9? What are we doing out so early? We still have the whole day!”

Indeed. And now we’re off to make the most of it.


One thought on “Time Warp

  1. martha brady says:

    routines are fun like that:) wish i had done a better of job of having routines when my kids were home. they don’t have to stop and think about whether they want to do something. it is the time to do and they just do it:) (well, usually.)


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