Buh-Bye, Now!


For the first time in my life I have something in common with Barbie. I'm exhausted. I think I need a break. A little break?

Fortunately, it's time for the Dunham family annual 4th weekend of September camping trip. We're going to the same spot that we always do. We're going to eat what we always do. We're going to do what we always do: read, nap, and play Uno until we can't stand it anymore.

Buh-Bye, now! Catch you on the other side of the Sabbath.

3 thoughts on “Buh-Bye, Now!

  1. gretchen from lifenut says:

    That video is perfect for all my exiting needs. It kind of makes me want to take a break just so I could refer people to it.
    I hope your camping trip was a success. I assume you are home, tick-free, stuffed with campfire cooked food, happy, rested.


  2. Megan says:

    Steph – It was in the attic one May when we opted out, but we’ve gone to an actual campground the last three Septembers.
    Gretchen – If anyone deserves a break, you do. Take it and run!


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