I was sitting here a little while ago working on something I'm going to post later today while my 11yo was at the table behind me doing something else.

Suddenly she said, "Mom, I'm having trouble getting this guy's attention."

Just so casually, just like that.

I zipped around in my chair and said, "What did you say?" It was then I noticed she was playing a computer game on my laptop and the page she was on required her to use logic to trigger the professor guy so he would ask her another question and thus allow her to move forward in the game.


Score one for the delayed guy talk. Score one for the almost-12yo who remained clueless as to why I seemed a little concerned at her question. Score one for the mom who got to play a logic game on the laptop for a few minutes while trying to help her solve the puzzle.

Score two for the game. Neither one of us ever figured out how to get that guy's attention.


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