Conferencing, Take 2

So I'm going to a conference on Thursday. A blogging conference. A blogging conference for Christians. A blogging conference for Christian women.

I'm thinking right now that I'm not ready for it.

But I will go. And I will be happy to be there. And I will enjoy my time with Monica.

But I will NOT be wearing anything new or anything sponsored by a corporate anybody.

I will NOT have lost those pesky 15 pounds for the sake of the conference.

I will NOT have on my Jesus face the entire weekend because…I imagine I will struggle with sin at some point during the conference.

But I WILL be happy to speak honestly with anyone I get the opportunity to meet.

I'll just be speaking honestly in my favorite jeans and sweater.

And I may hibernate a little at night because I'm a raging introvert.

And that's about all I have to say about that.