Halloween 2010


You know the times are changing when one of your kids volunteers to stay home to pass candy out instead of going trick-or-treating herself. Even when she knows our house is lucky to see three kids all night. Yep, three. This is why I don’t bother buying candy anymore. I just see what we already have at home and give that to whoever might come by.

The rest of us, however, didn’t stay home. We walked and walked and walked and now we have a lot of candy. Enough that if we’re careful we might have some left to give to the three kids who come by our house next year.

Halloween 2010. That’s a wrap.


5 thoughts on “Halloween 2010

  1. Megan says:

    Thanks! I had two who wanted to be twin cats. Somewhere I thought it would be a well idea to sew ears on to black hats. That idea? Not so good. But one daughter liked hers anyway and insisted on wearing it. Fortunately for the other cat we lost her hat and I had to sew ears onto a headband. MUCH better idea…


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