A Really Nice Surprise


It feels weird to say I went somewhere again this past weekend. I hardly ever travel and my airplane experiences are even fewer. Yet, here I’ve been on two trips involving airplanes in the past three weeks.

It feels even more weird to have to be a bit cryptic about why I was there. I can’t go into specifics right now, but I can say this: I went to be part of a focus group that involves kids, music, and education. And when it launches early next year, it is going to launch BIG. It’s going to be seriously amazing. I’m looking forward to sharing it with everyone when I’m given the green light to do so.

Until then, here’s my little pictorial highlight of my weekend trip to Nashville and the big surprise I got at the end of the trip!

The meetings were held at the Hotel Indigo at the corner of Church and 3rd. I had a room all by myself. It was…a really nice surprise.


The last night I was there we were taken to a private dining room at the back of B.B. King’s Blues Club. After we ate, Wayne Kirkpatrick and Gordon Kennedy arrived and treated us to an evening of acoustic amazingness. That time alone was worth the trip all by itself because Wayne Kirkpatrick and Gordon Kennedy? It was another really nice surprise.Real Nice! sound clip

And above you see me standing next to my new friend, Sue. We’re both holding brand new iPads because…they were a thank you gift to us from the people who brought us to Nashville this weekend. They gave all of us a brand new iPad. Do I look like I’m crying in that photo? I did. A little bit.

Say it with me, now. It was just a real nice surprise. A real nice surprise.

Real Nice! sound clip



I’m still a little bit in shock that I was even asked to go. I’m pretty blown over that they thanked us by iPad. And the private concert with Kirkpatrick and Kennedy? Unbelievably amazing.

And once February hits and we can spill the beans, I think you will be blown over when you see what they are coming up with. It’s gonna be…a real nice surprise.


16 thoughts on “A Really Nice Surprise

  1. Sue says:

    “A real nice surprise”…what a great way of saying it Megan. I just love that picture of the two of us together!!! I will never forget sharing that wonderful moment with you. I pray that the Lord gives us many, many more awesome moments together soon.
    Luv ya girl,
    Sue 🙂


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