So. I cleaned off my desk today.

Yeah, so how to follow up the post in which I reveal I get all giddy when given a free iPad? Not sure other than to just say that, yep, life moves on.

I cleaned off my desk today. This was pretty monumental. Not sure how long I can keep it up, but after hearing 4/5 of the other members of my family give free commentary on how they could actually see my desk today, I think I need to do a better job at figuring this out. I have a set of snazzy mod magazine boxes that have held about a bajillion different roles during the course of their life with me. They spent the last 18 months doing nothing but lazing around our unfinished attic. I had a talk with them this morning and told them it was time for them to pull their weight around here again. So they are now on my desk. They look great. Let's see how they perform.

Yep. I'm all about blaming something else for my own deficiencies. If my desk gets piled up again, this time it's the snazzy mod magazine holders fault. I wash my hands of it.

Now then, who can I blame for the three boxes of summer clothes that need to be hauled back up to the attic? And the two remaining boxes of winter clothes that need to be brought down and sorted? How about the basement that got bamboozled last month and needs someone (me) to spend about 17 uninterrupted unbamboozling it again? Where in the world am I going to find 17 uninterrupted hours? How do you even spell bamboozle?

I spent 15 minutes today on the phone making payments to our dentist and oral surgeon people. Though I had some pretty sincere questions about why we were being charged THAT MUCH and why it took them THAT LONG to finally bill us, I found myself sweetly informing each billing office that I needed to pay off our balance, giving them the number to our health savings account, and then THANKING THEM FOR TAKING IT FROM ME.

Clearly this iPad business has gone straight to my head. But no worries. I hardly got any time on it at all today as the other 5 members of my family also really enjoy using it.

Lucky for me I cleaned off my desk today and can just use my desktop Mac like respectable non-trendy folks do.

Or something.

There. I followed up the amazing post with this stupid one. Don't we all feel better now?