Soap Head

Note to the 7-year-old who came down the stairs a bit ago fully dressed and ready to go:

When you come down the stairs full dressed and ready to go, and you walk by your mom and she can visibly see that your head is covered in shampoo, don't think she isn't going to notice that one. Also, don't think she isn't willing to delay the Sam's run by 15 minutes while you go back and get in the tub again and rinse the shampoo out of your hair.

She may be getting older, but she can still spot a soap head from across the room.


3 thoughts on “Soap Head

  1. Sally D. says:

    LOL!! My daughter used a bright purple conditioner for awhile and there were MANY times she was sent back to rerinse. Bright purple on white hair is fairly easy to spot. LOL!!


  2. Kaira says:

    Soooo, what did you do. My 14 yos always has soap head. He swears he washes his hair but it looks terrible, I think he’s a lazy rinser. 14 years old is almost worse than 7 years old for some reason. 😛


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